Had to blow my own trumpet

My Lomograph image of my favourite cliff made it to today’s (21 June 2012) REDBUBBLE homepage, less than three in a thousand make it.
To have a look at the image used here is the link MY IMAGE

21 June 2012 by The RedBubble Homepage

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8 thoughts on “Had to blow my own trumpet

  1. Congratulations!!! I’ll bring the pud (Italian, of course since I’ve now got a wadge of recipe books to play with) to the celebration. Clue me in on time/place!!

    1. Thanks very much and I still amazed as I have only been using the site fully for five days. It is a great way to sell your work in a multitude of ways, with redbubble taking a fixed price. I would say it is worth a look. I hope this snippet of info helps

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