Pentax Kit lenses have not let me down, but the test is

So far my kit lenses from Pentax have not let me down but they were really put to the test when I was asked at the last-minute by a friend of a friend to take some photographs of their teenagers going to Prom. Now I was really in a fluster from photographing crashing waves and the great Sussex landscapes to photographing teenagers.
This could only mean one thing, I would do my best. The morning meant scouring the net, flicking through magazines to be armed with a few ideas and the time had arrived where I was carrying my kit to the front door for a couple of hours work.
I could not have had a more friendly welcome and I was so nervous. I suppose in situations like this as it was so last-minute you do your best and compete with all of the parents and friends vying to take their photographs for family albums, Facebook and twitter. The teenagers themselves were asking Mum or Dad as they got passed their son’s or daughter’s mobile phone to take pictures and pass the phones back so the images could be quickly sent out to all of the friends on the social networks.
This was a real learning curve for me and I must say it was enjoyable and refreshing to try to produce some images that would be liked, so from 73 images taken, 52 made the grade. With the job in the bag, I look back seeing huge room for personal development and I hope the opportunity to gain more experience.

These images are released by kind permission from those concerned.

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