Peace Camp at Cuckmere Haven

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11 thoughts on “Peace Camp at Cuckmere Haven

    1. Many thanks Alarna for looking at my blog and the comment is really appreciated in fact it made me smile. The encampment does look rather odd in the landscape like pods from out of space. I hope you do not mind but I have included a link to may be help explain about Peacecamp 2012

      1. I very much appreciate the link – what an inspired event! It would have been lovely to be there. (And your photography is stunning, by the way) :)

    1. Je suis d’accord, il doit être extraordinaire du ciel, surtout la nuit quand tout l’orange tentes éclat et blanc. Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires j’ai vraiment fait les apprécier

  1. Wow! Looks almost alien, like alien pods have landed on the landscape! Very dramatic too with the clouds rolling in……..great tone and texture, first class as always!

    1. Flattery will get you every where. Once again thanks so much your comment and I agree these tents do look rather alien like. A stark contrast to the rolling hills of the Downs

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