Just over the brow of the hill I promise

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13 thoughts on “Just over the brow of the hill I promise

    1. Me gusta mucho caminar por este sendero y la luz del día dura era perfecta para usar un filtro de calentamiento. Muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para comentar y te estoy contento como la imagen. besos

    1. Thanks very much for your comment, it was very much a footpath that I have often walked along and the day of the shot, it just felt right to be photographing it with a warm filter

  1. Superbe. Ce sentier est une invation à la balade. Il fallait oser un ciel comme ça, et le résultat est vraiment beau.

    1. Many thanks and to answer your question yes I do use filters, ranging from an ND 0.6- 0.9 grad, or nd110, a polarizer and on occasions a warm filter such as 85a . I hope this helps. In fact a really great book is the Photographers guide to using filters by Joseph Meehan ISBN 0817454497

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