What ! No blue sky

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I am a self taught amateur photographer with a passion for restoring old farmhouses, mad about road cycling and enjoys relaxing by log fires whenever I can.

18 thoughts on “What ! No blue sky”

  1. There’s something crazy about this juxtaposition of color / black and white – the unusual can often sharpen our senses and attention!

    • Many thanks Elizabeth. It is a landscape where you can not but be in awe of. The vast landscape and huge skies…..a real joy for any photographer/hiker

      • James I keep trying to reply to your other post but cannot send it?? So I copy and pasted it in here instead! :)
        Hi James long time no see! I hope you’re ok.
        Metro was super expensive so I shopped about a bit and found a really good lab but not as pricey. It’s been a bit nerve racking I have to admit. Got a new iMac and spent another 163£ buying a calibrator (my old one only had pc software and I couldn’t get mac software as out of date) but now whats printing is very close to whats on screen. Did a few 24×16’s to test and they came out great so now 30 more plus frames = get a new credit card! ;)
        I hope you’ll be in London at some time during August?? and if so please let me know so I can make sure I’m there.

  2. Wow, what a strong image.! It evokes some great energy within me, it’s like it opens my eyes to something great! Thank you for sharing , James, hope all is well with you.

    • I am really on the mend now Cornelia and many thanks for asking. The vast sky and the open fields across the South Downs really invited me to process this image in this way. The large voluminous clouds creating strong shadows on the fertile fields…oh my I am getting all lyrical. Any way you know what I mean. The vast open landscape, the camera in hand, wind in the face and the occasional ray of sunshine. A photographers dream…

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