On the Beach, East Sussex

Black & White Photography, Coastal
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I am a self taught amateur photographer with a passion for restoring old farmhouses, mad about road cycling and enjoys relaxing by log fires whenever I can.

8 thoughts on “On the Beach, East Sussex”

  1. you might have wondered if i fell off the earth! i am spending the night at my favorite little hostal so that i can use the internet and try to catch up on all that i missed. i have missed many of your posts and look forward to more beautiful images.


    • It is always lovely to hear from you Lisa/Z and many thanks for your continued interest in my work. I hope that the stay at the hostel was an enjoyable one. Best regards, James

  2. Love the low PoV. Great contrasting tones between the foreground and the cliffs. Wonderful image James!

    • Great to hear from you Mike. Hope all is well and that you have a wonderful weekend. A huge thanks for your comment, always appreciated.

    • Many thanks taking the time to look at my work and leaving your comment. It is really appreciated. Hope you have a great week

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