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James the photographer


James is an emerging self-taught photographer. He has had enormous encouragement to exhibit his work. James has documented communities living in rural poverty on the fringes of Goa’s tourist resorts. Photographing the parts we all see as tourists along with the underbelly some of us try to avoid. This photography has involved James with local charity organizations and he continues to have links with them today.

James is now living close to the Peak District in Derbyshire. Customers can buy some of James’s work from the shop page with more photographs being added on a regular basis.


Did you study photography?

“No. I feel the experiences gained with using various cameras have provided the foundations of my understanding of a camera. However I am continually learning and being excited by every opportunity to take photographs and improve my techniques. Over time my developing techniques of the images may have changed, but the passion is still the same. For me every picture is so different, there isn’t any one technique I would use and this is what I love about the editing process. It can be metamorphic.


What music do you listen to while editing?

I enjoy music from A.R. Rahman, Nina Simone, Van Morrisson and Bob Dylan. Morcheeba, Adele, Air, Seven, Charlie Byrd Parker, Chet Baker,  and Elbow all make an appearance in my collection.


Does other photography inspire you?

I am inspired by so many people and things, not just photography. An old movie, a walk in the countryside, a song lyric, today’s fashion, a postcard or graffiti and chatting with friends. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone.



Competitions and Publications




James’s Black and White Work

“As I gain more confidence with my work I feel sure I shall be entering more competitions”.

James’s aim over the next 12-18 months is to compile 10-15 photographs to be submitted to The Royal Photographic Society to gain his LRPS distinction.



Some of the Earth’s greatest landscapes and treasured natural areas are threatened by increased visitation and general lack of care. Nature first aim to preserve these places by building an alliance of responsible photographers and cultivate a community of local ambassadors and partners to help spread the word.


Photographers Taking Positive Action to Fight Plastics Pollution

“As outdoor photographers, we spend a lot of time in places where plastic pollution is a concern. We have all seen beaches or rivers clogged with plastic waste and heard about its harm to wildlife, our planet, and our health. So it can be hard to remain hopeful.

One way to feel better about the problem is to do something about it.”

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