On a journey with the Fuji X100F mirrorless camera


I want to do just a blog to kind of talk about what I’ve been shooting and what I’ve been shooting with so what I have been shooting with primarily is the Fuji X100f it’s a new mirrorless camera from Fuji it’s the newer version of the x100t for the tech stuff I shall provide a link.

I really only want to talk about the sort of the shooting experience and how I’ve just felt with this camera so I’ll start off by saying that I have felt very very rusty, laboured in my landscape work, in fact with most of my photography. Delving into it I suppose the creative juice has waned and I haven’t really felt like I found my groove with photography for probably a few years.

I have shifted somewhat between styles/genres and never and still not really found complete enjoyment or a style/quality of work that I could be really happy with. Yes there are a few photographs I feel proud of but not what I call a developing body of work, a sense of direction. Do not get me wrong the excitement of capturing a ferocious wave or the fog encroaching over the landscape and the challenges of mountain climbs and early early mornings to get to a location I find a total buzz.

But what I have been shooting with Canon 6D, Leica and old Nikon film cameras  I have been so trying to figure out what I want to shoot, how I like to shoot, but in doing that I haven’t been shooting very much because I’ve dabbling with ideas. The problem arises in that I have not been practicing repeatedly and in fact I wasn’t doing much at all.

So the Nikons and Leica have been replaced with the Fuji X100f following the need for me to have more accessible type of photography, more inconspicuous when in cities.

bnw_crowned_statueSo it has been very much a chance to get up close and personal and I did not really expect much even though the reviews have been formidable for this compact camera with its f2 23mm (35MM) fixed lens. It is very much lets give it a try and I kind of keep it in my daily bag all of the time, in fact I have to say my Canon 6D and the various prime Canon and Sigma lenses, lee filters and tripod have stayed in the hiking rucksack at home.

I just started using the FujiX100f daily going into town, shopping, museums and work as to optimise every learning opportunity available. At first the photos weren’t great as I was capturing moments, glimpses I was happy about but there were not images or moments I had captured that would jump out of the screen or that I was wanting to put onto the website (jdtphotograhy.co.uk) or have ready to print.

Now after progressively learning and practising with this Fuji X100f, I feel things are again starting to move in a direction where I am starting to get a few photos that I think are really are okay, but there is still loads even though I like them when I took them, when I see them on an app or on the computer afterwards, I start to see problems. I am re-learning, starting to do stuff that I think is interesting allowing me to work manually with the camera very easily and to shoot in black and white with the acros film simulation and personal settings to further drive me forwards.

charing_cross_bridge_dusk_fujix100fI am shooting both fine jpeg and raw, this allows me the best of both worlds to be able to use the superb jpeg quality and film simulations of this fuji x100f and its compressed raw files to develop myself later in Adobe Lightroom or by using Silver Efex pro (no longer available from google, but from the excellent photography software developers DXO-add link).

st_pauls_sunset_fujix100fStill the question arises am I doing interesting work but am I more importantly being able to enjoy photography and the answer has to be a big fat Yes! I think it has to be down too the fact that I am using just one camera every day with its fixed lens, this being the fact that the lens cannot come off unlike some compacts.

The Fuji X100f has such a versatility and yet it limitations in a fixed f2 35 mm equivalent lens is forcing me to use the same lens and camera but capturing in a different way. I am simplifying my shooting process and because of that fact I am not thinking about which lens or whether I need this filter etc. I can concentrate on what matters and that is paying more attention to the scene, paying more attention to the light. I do not think about the lens and working in manual 95% of the time I am thinking about the spot metering and creating a mood that I feel is representative of my experience of the captured moment. 

bnw_the_beginning_london_fujix100fJust being able to go easily out with a camera is not an experience that I have had before and  I used think why buy a camera with a fixed lens. A camera that appears super simple so that all you focus on is the shot so in terms of the camera I really like its size, I do not worry about its weight or need to carry any other photography gear. I do wish it was really well weather sealed as it often chucks it down with rain in the UK.

The way I have the camera set up is perfect for me and this is another great thing about this camera, 7 customisations possible and the ability to change the function buttons to your preference / workflow. Another terrific feature is the opportunity to have a choice to use the hybrid viewfinder, an optical viewfinder or the electronic viewfinder more about this and MY FUNCTION SETTINGS….. will be in a follow up blog,

shard_thames_fujix100fI am not long into using this Fujifilm camera but I am getting the feeling for seeing a scene more so in 35mm so in that sense I am really excited to keep shooting with this camera and see where this Fuji X100f journey is going to take me, especially in trying to well, you know get out of a photography rut.

bnw_fountain_victoria_park_fujix100f_acrosGThis is the story so far and should you want to follow me on this learning curve as I a post images on the website, write more blogs and post images on Instagram(link), you can subscribe to the blog posts usually two a month or simply drop by, have a look and leave a comment.  

night_on_the_town_fujix100fThanks for following.


  1. Geert  —  October 29, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Graet work, James !

  2. Lesley  —  November 4, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Hi James
    I can sympathise and relate to everything you have said as you know I have a Canon 6D I love that camera but two years ago I made a similar decision to you and bought the Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless it’s tiny its compact it’s neat it goes everywhere with me and it was the best decision I ever made. The lens is not fixed like yours but normally most the time 99% of the time has a 22 mm F2 lens on it and stays on it.
    I will say however that last year I decided I would take only the small EOS M5 with me to Venice and leave behind my beloved 6D!
    I quickly realised that my particular style of photography documentary that I was photographing then, owners and their dogs the EOS M5 was not so responsive and easy to use and I missed the 6D very much . I won’t make that mistake again . But they work well together both cameras depends on what you’re shooting at the end of the day
    these days I shoot between my iPhone 8plus the Canon EOS M5 and normally I reserve the large Canon 6D for my project work
    Good luck with your new buddy and it was interesting reading your thoughts thank you for sharing and look forward to hearing more developments, have a lovely Sunday 🙂

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