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29 Oct

On a journey with the Fuji X100F mirrorless camera

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I want to do just a blog to kind of talk about what I’ve been shooting and what I’ve been shooting with so what I have been shooting with primarily is the Fuji X100f it’s a new mirrorless camera from Fuji it’s the newer version of the x100t for the tech stuff I shall provide a link.

I really only want to talk about the sort of the shooting experience and how I’ve just felt with this camera so I’ll start off by saying that I have felt very very rusty, laboured in my landscape work, in fact with most of my photography. Delving into it I suppose the creative juice has waned and I haven’t really felt like I found my groove with photography for probably a few years.

I have shifted somewhat between styles/genres and never and still not really found complete enjoyment or a style/quality of work that I could be really happy with. Yes there are a few photographs I feel proud of but not what I call a developing body of work, a sense of direction. Do not get me wrong the excitement of capturing a ferocious wave
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20 Mar

A mad three hour drive, but I shall return

Well this was rather impulsive but living where I live at the moment means that I can be by the coast in a couple of hours or for an extra 30 mins of driving I can be in the Lake District, Cumbria . So what option did I choose having checked out the forecast and tidal times, it meant a dash up for the day, yes that’s right….how daft, but hey! I had other commitments that need to be attended to during the coming week.

Camera bag backed, food prepped and sat nav loaded. O.m.g I should have known early morning traffic would slow the journey time , but I arrived early enough not to bump into the expected crowds that the Lakes is famed for. I had always wanted to at least get a quick feeling for an area I had read so much about through various books, blogs and recommendations.






Having had my breath taken away at every turn in the road upon leaving Ambleside and the weather begging to take a turn for the worst it meant the three hour drive home came sooner than I had hoped for. So a couple of hours of tasting only a small part of one valley and I am smitten……

Already planning a longer return very very soon.

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