Outside and inside the coffee shop


Coffee at No: 33 is absolutely terrific

Twitter: Coffeeat33

Find: Coffee@33, 33 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ED

Contact: 01273 462460

The secret to their success is quite simple really that they use the best Monmouth roasted beans.

No 33 is not big, but the simplistic nature of the décor, the coffee bag seating in the window, strip wooden floorboards, gives a cosy rustic feel to the place. You know the focus is on the coffee, although you may well be tempted by the array of freshly made sandwiches, oven baked pastries and other culinary delights all made in their kitchen.

The Pier is floating


I had to just get outside as the rain stopped

Kitchen Utensils on a wet day

Even I have to admit to defeat in venturing outside as the rain hammers against the windows and lashes the decking in the garden. So I thought of experimenting with something closer to home.
The shot was taken using a second-hand Pentax 50mm f1.7 lens and then processed in two completely different ways and personally I prefer the faded colour version. Which do you like? as I would love to know as to whether I should be trying either technique in the future, just in case the UK will be having more rain-sodden days…

fadedutensilscolour9592jdtaylor copy



Finally the rain clouds pass over head


Beach Sculpture


Time to leave the beach


Neglected Beach changing rooms


Alone on the beach


Wind and rain linger over the Pier


Sunset over the Pier